Frequently Asked Questions

I've noticed there are two options at the point of HUFP Login: HUID and non HUID. If I have an HUID should I also set up a non HUID account?

No. Please do not set up two different login accounts in HUFP. If you hold a valid HUID you should use that information to set up a single HUFP account.

The option to log in without HUID credentials is a recently introduced system function. It was created to enable applicants outside of the Harvard PIN system to apply for certain opportunities that, if successful, would bring them to Harvard (Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships, for example).

How is my eligibility to apply to an opportunity determined?

The OVPR facilitates funding opportunities when 1) the sponsor has placed a limit on how many applications Harvard can submit, and 2) Applicants from more than one school at Harvard are eligible to apply to an opportunity. Additionally, the OVPR has begun to facilitate internal funding opportunities. While there is no limit to the number of applications accepted for internal funding opportunities, in these instances the OVPR disperses the award funds in addition to facilitating the internal competition.

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Can anyone at Harvard- Faculty, Administrator, Staff, Students- register in HUFP?

Yes. Anyone with a valid HUID can register in HUFP. First time registrants will be led through a brief registration process where they will be asked their name and email address before being returned to the portal. After this process every time a valid HUID holder logs in to the system they will pass through the HUID PIN page to complete their log in.