Outside Activities and Interests Reporting

The Outside Activities and Interests Reporting (OAIR) system is the University’s shared platform for the confidential internal disclosure of outside financial interests, in accordance with the FCOI Policy and the Statement on Outside Activities by Holders of Academic Appointments. This system takes the place of the former FCOI reporting system and the Outside Activity Reporting (OAR) system at Harvard Medical School. It also incorporates some information on outside professional activities that has previously been collected by Faculty Affairs offices, in an effort to streamline the overall reporting process and reduce duplication and confusion between the two systems. For more detailed information pertaining to each school's implementation of the OAIR system, please see the table below.

School Contact Additional Information
Facutly of Arts & Sciences / School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Kristen Harding


FAS COI page

Graduate School of Design

Anne Mathew  
Graduate School of Education Tiffany Blackman   
Harvard Divinity School Karin Grundler-Whitacre  

Harvard Kennedy School

Carrie Kachoria   
Harvard Medical School Cindi-Ann Hirst   
Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health Angela Brazeau Chan OAIR FAQ
Wyss Institute Katrin Duevel  

The Research Administration and Compliance Systems OAIR Systems page offers job aids (like a submission guide, and a system fact sheet, among others), information-session scheduling, and the latest system status updates.