Lemann Brazil Research Fund

The Lemann Brazil Research Fund is made possible by a generous gift from the Lemann Foundation and is administered by the Office of the Provost. It supports Brazil-related research in all areas related to education, as well as research in any other disciplinary area undertaken in collaboration with a Brazilian colleague. Harvard faculty with principal investigator rights at any Harvard school are eligible to apply for an award. 

Applications for the 2018/19 award cycle are open as of November 1, 2018 and will close on January 22, 2019. Please review the updated Request for Proposals, and visit the Harvard University Funding Portal to submit your application. Read about the 2018 awardees in a Gazette article here and about the 2016 and 2017 awardees in a Gazette article here. Also, click here for a brochure describing 2016 and 2017 awarded projects, and here for descriptions of 2018 awarded projects. 

Please email vpr_grants@harvard.edu with questions.  

Lemann Brazil Research Fund awardees with Jorge Paulo and Susanna Lemann
Lemann Brazil Research Fund awardees with Jorge Paulo and Susanna Lemann. Top row from left: G. Rao; P. Uccelli; M. Castro; F. Calmon; S. Lemann; JP Lemann; G. Urton; K. Merseth; E. Spelke; M. Rowe; C. Nelson; C. Snow. Bottom row from left: G. Luk; L. Alfaro; E. Neves; N. Menzies; D. McCoy