Electronic Devices and Encryption Software

Taking a laptop abroad, allowing a person in a foreign country to use the laptop or permitting a foreign national access to the laptop in the U.S. may raise export control issues.

Before taking your laptop abroad:

Consult University guidance and review the software and data on your laptop to ensure that you are not taking out of the country any controlled software or technical information.  This also applies to global positioning systems (GPS.)   Your School or Institute’s Export Control officer can assist you with this review.

Does this mean I can’t take my laptop abroad?

A licensing exception may apply to the export of a laptop or GPS, which may enable you to take a laptop abroad without violating export controls. Faculty who wish to take their laptops out of the country may be able to do so under the license exception for temporary export (TMP) if the laptop meets the requirement for "tools of trade" and remains under the control of the researcher, or the baggage (BAG) license exception covering personal items that are owned by the researcher and intended only for their personal use. These License Exceptions might not apply if items are shipped or carried to certain sanctioned countries.  You should contact your local export controls officer to determine whether a license exception applies to you.