Export Control Council Members/School Export Control Administrators

Because awareness and oversight of Export Control are best accomplished at the local level, each School or Institute has an Export Control Administrator, designated to answer questions and oversee the implementation of compliance procedures within their respective schools, centers, laboratories and departments.  Export Control Administrators:

Melissa Lopes, Senior Research Compliance Officer, OVPR
Melissa Korf, Associate Director, Grants and Contracts, HMS
Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Kristen Harding, Compliance Officer
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Kristen Harding, Compliance Officer
Harvard Business School
Sandy Nolden, Managing Director for Research Development Services
Harvard Global Support Services
Krister Anderson, Senior International Program Assistant
Harvard International Office
Anne Gardsbane, Assistant Director
Harvard Kennedy School
Liz Brady, Senior Sponsored Programs Adminstrator
Harvard Law School
Leah Keating, Director of Research Administration
Harvard Medical School
Melissa Korf, Grants and Contracts Officer, Research Administration
Lindsay Monahan, Compliance Officer
Harvard School of Public Health
Eileen Nielsen, Director of Research Administration Education
Harvard Graduate School of Education
Tiffany Blackman, Senior Director of Research Administration
Office of the General Counsel
Ellen Berkman, University Attorney
Office of Sponsored Programs
Rob Kirsh, Director, Pre-Award Services
Office of Technology Development
Maryanne Fenerjian, Director of Technology Transfer Policy
Wyss Institute
Katrin Duevel, Compliance Officer
Ex Oficio
Ara Tahmassian-University Chief Research Compliance Officer
Richard McCullough- Vice Provost for Research