Export Controls Training

On-Line Training:

Harvard University provides on-line Export Controls training through the CITI on-line training portal.  Please be sure to Log-In by selecting Harvard University as your institution.  Once you sign in as Harvard learner using your Harvard Key, you can take the set of modules designed for individuals conducting restricted party of SDN screens or you can take the more comprehensive set of modules taken by all school and institute-level Export Control Administrators.  You simply request to add Export Controls training and the training options will appear.  The modules provide an overview of export controls as they apply to the University setting and offer opportunities to test your knowledge of what you have learned.

Self-guided Training:

The Office of the Vice Provost for Research, in collaboration with the Export Controls Council and the Office of General Counsel, also developed a comprehensive overview of export control laws and regulations as they apply to University and research activities, as well as guidance pamphlets in areas such as international travel and international shipping (see sidebar).  

In-Person Training:

Representatives from OVPR are also happy to partner with School EC Officers to provide tailored training to departments and institutes.  To schedule such a targeted training, contact Melissa J. Lopes in OVPR at: melissa_lopes@harvard.edu.