How can access be assured if Research Records are produced, maintained, or stored off-campus?

When researchers, research team members or administrators produce or obtain Research Records in non-University locations, or when Research Records are produced or obtained by subcontractors, subawardees or vendors whose activities in this regard are funded by or under University sponsored research, it is the responsibility of Principal Investigators, all research team members and administrators to ensure that:  (a) these Research Records are stored and maintained safely and appropriately; (b) the Research Records are provided to the University at the earliest opportunity and in compliance with any legal constraints on their transfer, or are otherwise secured outside of the University, but with assured access for the University; and (c) the subcontractors, subawardees and/or vendors will provide immediate access to the Research Records when sought by the University, or by the University’s agents or designees, either for the University itself or for funders/sponsors.  

See also: Data Retention