How must emails be stored/retained? Must all emails related to research be retained/made accessible?

To the greatest extent reasonably possible, electronic mail relating to University sponsored research should be routed through the University’s email network or otherwise archived on University-owned equipment.  Harvard researchers should use their best efforts to use only their email accounts to send and receive messages relating to their research work or any potentially patentable inventions that may arise from such work.  When this is not possible, as in cases in which the University electronic mail system is not reasonably available, is inoperative, or is unable to send and receive essential data, other secure electronic mail systems may need to be used on a temporary basis, but in such cases, researchers should, as soon as practicable, transfer all such records to the University’s electronic systems.  In any period before such transfer to Harvard systems has been completed, researchers must make all such electronic Research Records immediately available to the University upon request. 

See also: Data Retention