How is my eligibility to apply to an opportunity determined?

The OVPR facilitates funding opportunities when 1) the sponsor has placed a limit on how many applications Harvard can submit, and 2) Applicants from more than one school at Harvard are eligible to apply to an opportunity. Additionally, the OVPR has begun to facilitate internal funding opportunities. While there is no limit to the number of applications accepted for internal funding opportunities, in these instances the OVPR disperses the award funds in addition to facilitating the internal competition.

A determination as to which school a competition is open to is made when the electronic application is being built. The school selection is overly broad in recognition of the vast interests and expertise at Harvard.

One further detail in the decision tree impacting what schools or groups may apply to a particular competition is how the funding authority defines "Institution". There is no one correct template to follow in this matter, it is at the discretion of the sponsor. One insight into how a sponsor views Harvard as an "Institution" is to look for mention of a DUNS number. Harvard has three, one for each of the following: HMS, T.H.Chan, and the Cambridge Campus. When a sponsor indicates that each institution by DUNS number at Harvard may put forward a specified number of applicants, applicants should expect that there will be three different internal competitions taking place, one for each DUNS area. In this example HMS would facilitate an internal competition for those who have a primary appointment at HMS*. T.H. Chan would do the same for those with a primary appointment at T.H. Chan, and the OVPR would facilitate a process for the schools on the Cambridge Campus. Finally, this is also an example of where the OVPR would use HUFP to facilitate the Cambridge Campus internal competition, but HMS and T.H. Chan have other systems in place so their applicants would not use HUFP.

If you are aware of an opportunity that you do not see when searching opportunities in HUFP please be in contact with the appropriate research officer at the school where you hold a primary appointment. They will contact the OVPR office for further follow up. Contacting the OVPR office directly with concerns about eligibility for funding opportunities will only result in further delay as the OVPR does not make decisions concerning eligibility without consultation and agreement at the school level.

Beyond use by the OVPR, it is at the discretion of each school to use HUFP when facilitating or advertising funding opportunities that are specific to only the applicant population at their school or department. If HUFP is not used at the school level applicants from that school are still required to engage with HUFP when applying for opportunities facilitated by the OVPR. This is why we encourage all potential applicants to proactively set up an account in HUFP.

The research administrator at each school receives weekly updates from the OVPR with information about current Limited Submission and Internal Funding opportunities facilitated by the OVPR office. This information is also posted on the HUFP homepage, but not in a manner that indicates who is eligible to apply to each offer. In order to find that out applicants must log in to HUFP and search for opportunities by indicating the institution or school where they hold a primary appointment.

Additionally, FAS currently uses HUFP as a tool to advertise funding opportunities with applications external to the system. In these examples HUFP acts as a type of notice board informing FAS users of opportunities with applications outside the HUFP system. Selecting links provided for further information in these instances will take the user outside of the Harvard HUFP web environment.

* HMS applicants should be aware of the HMS Foundation Funds application schedule and which re-occurring LSOs they facilitate. This is important as the HMS Foundation Funds runs an internal competition to select HMS candidates for the same competitions that are run by the OVPR later on in the same academic year. In these instances the OVPR does not open their internal competition to HMS applicants, but instead allows only the candidate selected by the HMS Foundation Funds process to participate. For more information on this process, and to ensure that you are able to apply to opportunities of interest if you hold a primary appointment at HMS, please contact Betty Carbunari in the HMS Foundation Funds office.