Must all Research Records be stored on-campus to ensure University access?

In some cases, as in research that is collaborative with other institutions, electronic or other Research Records may be compiled, stored or maintained outside of Harvard systems as a requirement of receiving research funding.  It is important in these circumstances, as in other circumstances in which there is a compelling need to store Research Records outside of Harvard systems, that subcontracts, subawards and vendor agreements entered into for such research contain provisions that incorporate a reference to the Principles and FAQs and require adherence to the same, thus assuring that Harvard can access Research Records, as needed for institutional, School or departmental purposes.   When interacting with Harvard sponsored research offices (OSP, HMS SPA, HSPH SPA and OTD) about implementation of their sponsored research awards or expenditure of sponsored research funds, it is the responsibility of  researchers and research administrators  to call attention to any practices by which Research Records will be compiled, stored or maintained by third-parties or otherwise outside of  Harvard or the University’s electronic systems.  Sponsored research officials will thereby be able to assist with subcontracts, subawards and/or vendor agreements that acknowledge these practices and allow for Harvard access, as needed, to the Research Records.  

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