Recent Press on the Climate Change Solutions Fund

Support for seven from president’s climate fund (February 11, 2015, Harvard Gazette) 

Seven research projects aimed at confronting the challenge of climate change using the levers of law, policy, and economics, as well as public health and science, have been awarded grants in the inaugural year of President Drew Faust’s Climate Change Solutions Fund. (Continue Reading

A leap for ‘artificial leaf’ (April 22, 2015, Harvard Gazette) 

As an idea, the notion of an “artificial leaf” was always meant to be simple: Could scientists, using a handful of relatively cheap materials, harness the power of light to generate two powerful fuels — hydrogen and oxygen — by breaking apart water molecules? (Continue Reading

Optimism on U.N. climate talks - (November 17th, 2015, Harvard Gazette)

Panelists at the Kennedy School on Monday expressed optimism about the U.N. climate conference set to begin in Paris on Nov. 30, calling U.S. participation on the heels of domestic climate-related moves a “game-changer.” Still, they took care to point out that progress, not a solution, is the best-case scenario for the talks. (Continue Reading)