Under what circumstances will the University seek to access Research Records?

The University, School and departmental administration may access Research Records for a variety of purposes, including the need to respond to audit requests or other requests for access to research information from funders or prime award recipients, to comply with valid subpoena requests or other court- or agency-ordered discovery, to defend claims asserted against the University, or when necessary, to investigate allegations of research misconduct or other regulatory violations.  See, e.g., Public Health Service Policies on Research Misconduct regulations, 42 CFR Parts 50 and 93 and National Science Foundation’s Research Misconduct regulations, 45 CFR 689.  In certain circumstances, such as the investigation of research misconduct and other regulatory violations, and consistent with School policies, the University may be required to, or may otherwise have a need to, take immediate custody and control of Research Records, including Research Data and Materials.  See, e.g., FAS research misconduct policy at: http://www.fas.harvard.edu/~research/greybook/misconduct.html, HMS research misconduct policy at:  http://hms.harvard.edu/public/coi/policy/misconduct.html, and PHS and NSF policies referenced above.   

See also: Data Retention