Lab Safety

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Harvard University is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for its staff, faculty, and students by encouraging and ensuring a culture of lab safety across all of its schools and institutes. Beyond mere compliance with safety standards and requirements, this commitment is framed around encouraging and cultivating a culture of lab safety through communication and access to information and adequate resources. The Office of the Vice Provost for Research (“OVPR”) convenes the university-wide Laboratory Safety Committee, a governing body primarily empowered to review and promulgate policies, rules and procedures for laboratory safety across the University and responsible for advising on all aspects of laboratory safety.  The Committee is comprised of faculty PIs and safety officers from across the University who are knowledgeable in laboratory science and/or safety.  Further, the membership spans the spectrum of laboratory activities across the University. The Laboratory Safety Committee advises the OVPR and Environmental Health and Safety and advises and collaborates with other standing committees, such as the Radiation Safety Committee, the Committee on Microbiological Safety, the two university Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees, and Institutional Review Boards to ensure safety compliance and to facilitate a culture of safety.

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