About OVPR

The Office of the Vice Provost for Research (VPR), a new enterprise of the Harvard University Office of the President and Provost, has broad responsibility and oversight for the review, development, and implementation of policies related to the organization and execution of academic research, especially in the sciences, and to aspects of the University's relations with industry.  The VPR works with the provost, the deans, the executive vice president, and others to identify and ease practical impediments to interdisciplinary research, as Harvard increasingly pursues academic ventures involving multiple schools, departments, and affiliated institutions whose policies and practices may vary in ways that can constrain opportunities for collaborative work. Additionally, a critical mission of the Office is to develop best practices for education, training, and guidance to promote the responsible conduct of research and to ensure compliance in all areas of research administration across the Harvard universe. 

The VPR, with the concurrence of the Provost, will convene as appropriate University-wide committees that will bring together key faculty and administrators from different parts of the Harvard universe to address matters relating to research and research training policies and practices.  These committees, with full cognizance of applicable federal and state law, regulation, and guidance, will review existing institutional policies and implementation practices that bear on the oversight and conduct of research, and consider ways to enhance, harmonize, supplement or supplant them. The VPR will work closely with faculty and with administrative colleagues in government affairs, sponsored research, technology licensing, university development, and other domains to cultivate and sustain sound and appropriate relations with industry and with private and government agencies involved with academic research.