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About Limited Submission Opportunities

Sponsors often limit applications for a grant or fellowship by instructing universities to nominate only one or a small number of candidates, effectively placing on them the task of pre-screening applicants. The eligibility and nomination rules of these programs, many of which are established annual competitions, vary widely. When a sponsor limits the number of applications that can be submitted by the university (i.e. across all schools), the Office of the Vice Provost for Research manages the internal competition.

Regarding applicants from Longwood Medical Area and Harvard-affiliated hospitals: Certain other grant and fellowship programs focusing on biomedical research are administered by HMS Foundation Funds at Harvard Medical School. Some of these programs, and ones listed with the University Committee on Biological Sciences are open to researchers from other schools. HMS Foundation Funds also manages applications for HMS internal competitions, and selects HMS applicants to compete in University-wide limited submission competitions.

List of Limited Submission Opportunities

List of Limited Submission Opportunities (Excel file)

The OVPR maintains a list of Limited Submission Opportunities; this list is updated on at least a quarterly basis. Potential candidates may not apply directly for these opportunities. Applicants with questions should contact the Research Administration office at the school where they hold a primary appointment (see below for list of contacts.)

OVPR Funding Snapshot Newsletter

OVPR LSO/Internal Funding Snapshot 06/10/2019 (Word file)

Updated bi-weekly, the Snapshot provides information about current Limited Submission and Internal Funding opportunities facilitated by the OVPR. Applicants apply to internal competitions through the Harvard University Funding Portal.

Not all applicants are eligible to apply to all opportunities. To determine eligibility and receive comprehensive information in all areas of research and funding, applicants should contact the appropriate research administrator at the school where they hold a primary appointment.

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Research Administration Contacts by School

2018-2019 Research Administration contacts by School (Last updated April 2019)

All conversations about funding opportunities should begin with your School's Research Administration office.