Limited Submissions Process

The Office of the Vice Provost for Research (OVPR), working with the Research Development Coordinating Committee (RDCC), announces and posts university-wide competitions for restricted grant and fellowship nominations and for internal funding opportunities. Announcements are sent to members of the RDCC and posted on the Harvard University Funding Portal (HUFP)

Beginning in July of 2014 the OVPR office moved from the manual processing of internal applications to an automated process. Applicants interested in applying for opportunities where the sponsor has placed a limit on the number of applications that may be submitted from an institution, or internal funding opportunities facilitated by the OVPR, may do so by clicking on the word "Login", found in the upper right corner here (the first time an individual logs in s/he will be prompted to enter contact information). While anyone is able to search the list of open opportunites, only those with a current Harvard password and PIN are able to apply.

Owing to the large number of eligible researchers at affiliated hospitals, Harvard Medical School carries out an internal screening and selects candidates for a selection of university wide competitions. That process and time line is available on the HMS Foundation Funds website.

Generally, the OVPR organizes the ranking of internal applications by panels of faculty reviewers in consultation with the Vice Provost for Research.  Reviewers are generally drawn from the schools of applying researchers. Although there is no formal mechanism for providing feedback to applicants who were not selected, the OVPR will respond to researchers who seek information by conveying general or specific comments from reviewers, as appropriate.