Research Integrity

policies and guidance

Integrity in all scholarship is a foundational principle that underlies Harvard’s core mission to discover, transmit and apply new knowledge for the benefit of society. 

In recent decades, the federal agencies that fund scientific research have promoted research integrity under the rubric of the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR), which parses research integrity into nine specific activities ranging from authorship to data sharing to behaviors defined by the federal government as research misconduct.

Although the federal government mandates research integrity policies for activities it funds, it is the responsibility of individual institutions to prevent and detect its occurrence. At Harvard, each school creates, implements, and enforces its own research integrity and misconduct policies, consistent with federal requirements. For school-based information regarding research integrity, please refer to the following sources:

Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Graduate School of Design

Harvard Medical School

Harvard School of Public Health

Harvard Kennedy School

Graduate School of Education