Research Related Offices


Engineering & Applied Sciences

Office of Research and Planning

The Office of Research and Planning (ORP) at SEAS works with the faculty community to help define their information and logistical needs for developing new large, multi-institutional research initiatives and grant opportunities, and to ensure that those needs are met in a timely manner. As the clearing-house for research development and policies, ORP represents the school at government and industry consortiums and responds to external requests for information. In the area of planning, ORP provides the school’s leadership team with institutional research, planning analysis, and business...

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Graduate School of Education

HGSE Office of Sponsored Projects

Navigating the world of sponsored project administration at Harvard University can be a complex undertaking. The staff of the HGSE Office of Sponsored Projects provides guidance on all aspects of the life cycle of sponsored projects. Services include:

  • Advice and assistance regarding appropriate funding sources
  • Project development, budget preparation, proposal review and submission
  • Interpretation of university and sponsor policies
  • ...
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Harvard Divinity School

Harvard Law School

Harvard School of Public Health

OFS Sponsored Programs Administration

The mission of OFS SPA is to provide:

  • Timely and effective delivery of service to HSPH faculty
  • Protection of the professional and academic rights of faculty in working with external parties
  • Education of faculty and staff on regulations, policies, and procedures that affect the conduct of their research
  • Contributions to the non-technical development of effective proposals
  • Fair and accurate representation of faculty in administrative interactions with sponsors
  • Protection of the legal and financial interests of the University and the School
  • Assuring proper stewardship of sponsor funds

School of Dental Medicine

Faculty of Arts & Sciences

Committee on Research Policy

The Committee on Research Policy is primarily responsible for advising the Dean on matters of research policy and administration, including those regarding institutional grants or program grants cutting across departmental lines and involving significant resources. For more information, contact Pat Fitzgerald, Associate Dean for Research Administration.

FAS Research Administration Services

FAS Research Administration Services actively supports the educational mission of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences by: enhancing training; addressing emerging issues; anticipating and solving problems; improving systems in collaboration with researchers, scholars, and administrators across the FAS and throughout the University; and representing the interests of FAS researchers and administrators in discussions with University decision-makers.

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Standing Committee on the Use of Animals in Research and Teaching

Every use of vertebrate animals in research and teaching (including the use of embryos, fish, and wild caught animals, or the observation of animals in the wild) must be approved in advance by the Harvard University/Faculty of Arts and Sciences Standing Committee on the Use of Animals in Research and Teaching, Harvard’s Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).

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Harvard Business School

HBS Research Administration

For information about research funding, policies, support services or other issues related to HBS intellectual capital, please contact Alain Bonacossa, Director, Research Administration and Intellectual Property Management (617-496-6348).

Harvard Kennedy School

Harvard Medical School

Office for Academic & Research Integrity

The Office of Academic and Research Integrity provides independent oversight of Harvard Medical School's research compliance programs, activities, and processes. The Director, who reports to the Dean of the School of Medicine, through the Dean for Faculty and Research Issues (with an additional reporting relationship to the Harvard Associate Vice President for Research Administration) is responsible for coordinating and monitoring these programs to assure that the Medical School is compliant with federal,...

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Office of Biological Safety

The Office of Biological Safety facilitates the Committee on Microbiological Safety (COMS). COMS is a standing faculty committee that reviews all research involving recombinant DNA as well as work involving biohazards at Harvard and its 16 affiliated institutions. The Office provides the administrative support for the Committee and the technical review of COMS applications. The Office also supports the biosafety programs at...

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Radcliffe Institute