Training Links & Guides


There are numerous opportunities for members of the Harvard research community to receive formal training in research conduct, safety, and protocol.  Some are required before commencing research in particular areas, while others serve as supplemental education to increase best practices. The following categories outline many of the internal and external training resources available to Harvard researchers, students, and research administrators.

Animal Research & IACUCs Training

Human Subjects & IRBs Training

Lab Safety Training

Harvard (Cambridge) Lab Safety Course

Provides information on the following topics: the Harvard University Chemical Hygiene Plan, Material Safety Data Sheets, Chemical Information Sheets, and Biosafety/Bloodborne Pathogens (only offered in MCB/OEB sessions). Participants will also learn how to correctly classify and store hazardous waste.

Course Website

Research Integrity Training

Sponsored Project Adminstration Training

Stem Cells & ESCRO Training