Research Compliance Training Committee

The Research Compliance Training Committee (RCTC) is charged with providing the Office of the Vice Provost for Research (OVPR) and the Sponsored Administration Leadership Council Executive Committee (SALC EC) with advice on research compliance training issues and recommendations for appropriate research compliance training. Collaborating with faculty, researchers, laboratory managers, staff, and other constituents to assure compliance with research training requirements and to facilitate the design and delivery of research compliance training, the RCTC is responsible for the following:


  • Monitoring research compliance training needs across the University;
  • Evaluating existing research compliance training offerings;
  • Coordinating the development, review, and/or delivery of research compliance training; and
  • Developing guidelines for the approval, uploading, and integration of research compliance training content into the University Learning Management System.

Note: RCTC is distinct from the University-wide Research Administration Training Team (URATT) which is charged with the coordination and delivery of training related to research administration topics (e.g., pre-award proposal development, award negotiations, post award management).


For more information, contact the RCTC Co-Chairs: Denise Moody, Senior Director of Research Compliance at FAS and Melissa Lopes, Senior Research Compliance Officer.