Research Data Management Committee

Research data management concerns the organization of data, from its entry to the research cycle through the dissemination and archiving of valuable results. It aims to ensure reliable verification of results, and permits new and innovative research built on existing information. In recent years, Universities have increasingly recognized the importance of research data management for a number of reasons, including: 1) recent requirements on data sharing from federal and private funders, as well as from publishers and journals, and 2) an understanding that data are both a research asset and research product, and thus need to be protected and archived, well organized and documented for future reuse, while giving proper credit to data authors. We are forming a Research Data Management faculty advisory committee to ensure that we provide the right solutions, guidance, best practices, and policies in this area to Harvard’s research community.

The Research Data Management Advisory Committee will help guide University efforts to support all aspects of the data lifecycle - from data creation and use, to sharing and archiving. The advisory committee will also play a critical role in developing Harvard’s strategic plan to facilitate long-term access to and reuse of research data.